Blumka’s Diary



Wydawnictwo Media Rodzina, Poland
Sakyejul Publishing, South Korea
Rue Du Monde, France
Gimpel Verlag,Germany
Sekifusha, Japan

Dimensions: 245 x 310 mm
Peges: 64
Publication Date: Poland 2011, Germany 2011, France 2012, South Korea 2012, Japan 2013
ISBN: 978-83-7278-572-5 (Poland)

Graphic Design

Dorota Nowacka


About the book

Blumka – a pupil of Doctor Korczak, writes a diary, which contains a code of children's rights created a hundred years ago by a famous Polish pedagogue of Jewish origin. We get to know everyday life in the Orphan's House, admiring the revolutionary and anarchist principles prevailing there. The awareness of the inevitable, tragic end of this story intensifies the effect of this book.

IBBY’s 2011 Book of the Year in the book-design category and a special mention in the literature category.

Nomination for the Deutsche Jugendliteraturpreis prize.